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AKB48 holds a press conference for the renewal of “Naruhodo! High School”

Recently, AKB48 held a press conference for their show, “Naruhodo! High School“, which will be getting a renewal starting its October 20th broadcast.

“Naruhodo! High School” was originally a show where AKB48 members were quizzed on many questions, and performed experiments to learn new things.

With this renewal, the concept of the show will change entirely. The members will develop the power to recognize the truth by testing certain things to see if it’s ‘gachi’ (real) or ‘gase’ (fake). The show will prepare new segments such as ‘Gachi Gase AKB’, where guests will have the chance to guess the real member, and ‘Ninki Bunkajin Naruhodo Gachi Kensho’, where the members will inspect the ability of specialists.

When AKB producer Akimoto Yasushi was mentioned as a person they want to inspect, Maeda Atsuko commented, “AKB alone has 300 songs. I want to know when he writes all these songs, and I want to see if he really writes them himself.” Takahashi also added, “Let’s have him write it here.

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Sasaki Nozomi to play an evil nun in the drama, “Kaito Royale”

It’s been revealed that actress/model Sasaki Nozomi is going to play a boss character in TBS’s upcoming midnight drama, “Kaito Royale“.

“Kaito Royale” is a live-action adaptation of a popular social game on Mobage, where players are able to become different types of phantom thieves and collect treasures. The thief characters were already revealed through the two previous announcements ([1] [2]), but now we actually got to know one of the boss characters who will make it difficult for the protagonists to snatch away the goods.

Sasaki is going to slip into the role of a machine-gun-wielding nun, who goes by the name of ‘Sister Snake‘. It’s the first time for ’sweet’ Sasaki to play a bad woman, but it looks like she had more problems adapting to the outfit, rather than the role.

She commented, “The outfit is actually divided into many small details and parts, which made it quite difficult to put it on.” She added, “I heard that she is a very bothersome boss for the players in the game, but the drama features an original story. Look forward to find out how she’s going to be involved with the protagonists.

The producer of the drama explained why they chose Sasaki for the role. He stated, “It’s a role that’s exactly opposite to Sasaki’s existing image. We believe that this gap is going to have a fresh and interesting effect (on the character).

“Kaito Royale” is said to contain mystery, suspense, action, and (probably) love. The four protagonists are played by Matsuzaka Tori, Omasa Aya, Fukushi Seiji, and Chansung (2PM).

The first episode is scheduled to air on October 28th.

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Arashi & Inoue Mao become the hosts for NHK’s ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’!

It’s been announced that Inoue Mao and Arashi have been chosen to become the hosts for NHK’s annual New Year’s Eve music show, “The 62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen“!

This is the second consecutive year for Arashi to participate in Kohaku as the host for ‘Shirogumi‘ (the team with male artists or group with male vocals). Last year, Shirogumi won the Kohaku, and its leader, Ohno Satoshi, proudly collected the championship flag. Ohno mused, “I would like to grab the flag again.”

On the other hand, this is the first time for Inoue Mao to be chosen as a Kohaku host. She will be doing so on behalf of ‘Akagumi‘ (the team with female artists or group with female vocals).  Inoue expressed her eagerness to grab the flag by saying, “Akagumi has had six consecutive  defeats, so I want to win this year.

The theme of Kohaku for this year is “Ashita wo Utaou” (“Let’s sing for tomorrow”), which aims to conclude the year of 2011 brightly through the power of song. Many anxieties rocked Japan this year due to the Tohoku earthquake and devastating typhoon, and so the event hopes to start 2012 with good cheer.

Sakurai Sho said, “When we first participated in Kohaku as a performer, which was in 2009, the theme of the year was ‘Uta no Chikara∞Mugendai (“The power of songs ∞ infinity”).’  This year, I would like to help the artists’ ‘power of songs’ as the host.

As reported previously, AKB48 and Terry Ito will be the “Kohaku supporters” for this year.

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Press conference for “Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu”

Today, Fuji TV held a press conference for their upcoming Monday drama “Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu“, starring Karina, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Oshima Yuko (AKB48), and Inamori Izumi.

The network describes the drama as the most unique, true-to-life love story in the history of Monday 9pm (‘Getsu9′) dramas. It depicts the lives of different young women, who have a negative attitude towards love. They went for a sociological and very realistic approach while exploring the various reasons that make women to adopt such an attitude.

Karina, plays a very frank young woman named ‘Fujii Emi‘, who neither really cares about her works at an illumination company nor anything else in her life, loved watching ‘Getsu9′ dramas during her student days, but now she actually gets to star in one. She commented, “I can feel the pressure from all sides, but I’d like to calmly overcome the pressure together with all the other actors.

In response, Yoshitaka, who plays a hostess and Emi’s junior from senior high school called ‘Ogura Saki‘, used some of her peculiar expressions to describe the personality of Karina. She said, “I always thought that she has a nice frank image, but what most people don’t know, she actually has a very feminine side. That side of her makes you think, ‘Waah, she’s so lovely!’ There is that kindness that you wouldn’t know as a first-time customer. First-time customers are not allowed!

Oshima smiled in agreement and added, “She’s a really kind and handsome man. Recently she found out how to handle me properly with a carrot and a stick.

Even Inamori couldn’t refrain from praising Karina and said, “She truly is a gentle and caring woman.

An astrologer attended the press conference as a special guest and analyzed the philosophy of love of the four actresses and realized that their results perfectly match with those of the characters they are playing in the drama. Karina agreed, “He’s not wrong!“, while Yoshitaka couldn’t hide her amazement and said, “It’s so close (to my character), it sounds like a setup!

Fuji TV will broadcast the first episode of “Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu” on October 17th.

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V6 wraps up their ‘Sexy.Honey.Bunny!’ tour

On October 10th, V6 wrapped up their live tour, ‘Sexy.Honey.Bunny!‘, at Yokohama Arena.

This marked V6’s first concert at Yokohama Arena in 10 years. During the performance, a live clip of the boys past 10 years ago was presented. Seeing this, member Miyake Ken exclaimed, “Too much!“, while Sakamoto Masayuki reflected upon their past saying, “Everyone became adults. I think the only one who hasn’t changed is [Miyake] Ken.

The concert also featured a guest appearance by Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari, who used to be a backup dancer for V6. After an introduction from Inohara Yoshihiko, Ninomiya took the spotlight, and said, “The first concert I appeared in was V6’s. I appeared during Inohara-kun’s solo.” He then promoted Arashi’s new single saying, “Our new song will be released on November 2nd.

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Kiritani Mirei & Kasahara Hideyuki are dating?

On October 10th, Sports Hochi reported that model/actress Kiritani Mirei (21) is dating  actor Kasahara Hideyuki (28).

According to their source, the two began dating when they co-starred in the drama series, “Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku” which aired on Fuji TV last summer. Reportedly, Kasahara fell head over heels for Kiritani and pursued her persistently until she agreed to date him. Though they’ve cultivated their love quietly, it seems that they’ve already told their close friends about their relationship.

Other sources said that although they didn’t have enough time to see each other during the summer due to their busy schedules, they managed to create a strong bond.

Interestingly enough, in Kiritani’s photobook “Sweet&Bitter” which was released back July, she wrote the following passage about love, “When I fall in love with somebody, I keep loving that person devotedly. I prefer a guy who wraps me with love and protects me.”

Source & Image: Sports Hochi

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Ogura Yuko gets married in a romantic white wedding dress

Previously, we reported that Ogura Yuko (27) officially registered her marriage with hair and makeup artist Kikuchi Isao (40). The star revealed that she would be getting married in Hawaii in October, and that big day has finally arrived!

Ogura and Kikuchi  held their wedding ceremony on the island of Oahu on October 10th. After registering their marriage on the 7th, they flew to Hawaii’s St. Catalina chapel. She wore a beautiful white wedding dress with a pattern of big roses. The groom kept it simple and clean with a white suit and pink rose boutonniere.

The two will travel to the continental U.S. for their honeymoon.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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Nagasawa Masami shows off her beautiful legs on the cover of ‘anan’

The latest issue of fashion/beauty magazine ‘anan‘ will once again tempt many men to buy a women’s magazine, thanks to actress Nagasawa Masami and her gorgeous legs.

This week, ‘anan’ provides its readers with a guide that gives tips on how to get rid of bowlegs, knock-knees, and a sagging bottom. They introduce massages and exercises that make your legs and derriere more beautiful, with special tips from Nagasawa herself.

Nagasawa revealed that mountain climing for the movie “Gaku” helped sculpt her legs. She said, “Many of my friends told me that I looked slimmer after the movie. They also said that my legs became more beautiful.

During the interview, she also introduced some of the outfits she wore in the movie “Moteki“, as well as pieces from her personal wardrobe. Of course, there are plenty of nice pictures to go along with the interview. After shooting the cover, Nagasawa cheekily quipped, “Don’t you look more beautiful by revealing what you got instead of hiding it?

Nagasawa also explained the kind of life she lives in order to keep her beauty, like regularly doing Pilates for three years now. Furthermore, she recommended eating dried plums and natto (fermented soybeans) for your mid-afternoon snack.

Source: Cinema Today

A first look at Yonekura Ryoko & Kiritani Mirei as cabin attendants for new drama, “HUNTER”

Fuji TV revealed the first pictures of actresses Yonekura Ryoko and Kiritani Mirei dressed up as cabin attendants for their upcoming drama, “HUNTER ~Sono Onnatachi, Shoukin Kasegi~“.

In the drama Yonekura plays a woman named ‘Isaka Rei‘, an underpaid cabin attendant who ends up becoming a bounty hunter due to some strange incident. Having a strong sense of justice, she quickly becomes a hunter feared by all criminals. Kiritani, who plays her junior at work, also eventually ends up becoming a bounty hunter.

The day they shot the pictures, the cast filmed a scene for the first episode at the airport. Yonekura and Kiritani are dressed as cabin attendants and witness how a foreign star gets swarmed by fans. Kiritani eventually joins the group of fans, when suddenly  some guy with a snatched bag tries to escape from the airport. Yonekura reacts quickly and throws her trolley in front of his legs. After a short struggle, she successfully arrests the thief and retrieves the stolen bag.

Yonekura said, “It feels a bit strange to wear such a uniform again after such a long time.” Commenting on the action scenes, she said, “I love and enjoy dramas that require physical fitness. I can relive some old feelings again. Most my recent roles required me to be more of a talkative person, but with this role it feels like I’m going back to what I’m really good at.

Kiritani commented, “Every time I get on a plane I start to think how amazing cabin attendants are. Actually wearing this outfit today feels a bit like a dream.” Regarding filming together with Yonekura, she said, “I was very nervous and timid in the beginning, so I was very happy when she nonchalantly started to talk to me. It has been so much fun since the first day.

The ladies will be working with fellow actors Horiuchi Keiko, Tanihara Shosuke, and Koizumi Kotaro in the drama.

The first episode of “HUNTER” will air on October 11th, and will broadcast a new show every Tuesday at 10 PM.

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